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"Hello" is not just a simple word.
It's a concentrate of courage and determination.
Well, we're talking about making new friends, of course.
Also, we're talking about guys picking-up girls or vice versa.
Basically, "hello" is about standing up and doing what you should've done long time ago.
"Hello, mr/mrs, I want to work in your company",
"Hello, I want to register for a jump with a parachute".
"Hello, yes, I want to rent my apartment, because I'm going to travel around the world".
And so on, and so on.

phalf is from Moscow, maybe that's why he mixed a nice selection of calm and spacious music.
An hour to soar through your hesitation.

By the way, it's way to long, if you're really wondering - to do something or not to do.
Do it immediately after you give such a question to yourself.
After couple of seconds it might be too late.
There could be you against yourself. Outrun yourself.


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