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It took three years (1980-1983) for Tony Montana to make himself a cocaine kingpin of Miami and get killed. A full circle: from Cuban refugee to a betrayed and receded gangster.

A cult TV series "Miami Vice" started in 1984 and was cancelled in 1990. It made Don Johnson famous. People watched this series all around the world. There is a slight possibility that teenager with a funny moustache is watching it right now somewhere in Albania.

One of the main themes in this series was fight against cocaine dealers. Actually, they ruled Miami-Dade for two decades: 1980-90s.

Alonzo Mourning - a legendary center of Miami "Heat". He was an icon of this team for 10 years. It took him 14 years to win an NBA title. He's now retired.

As you can see - there are a lot of thing from Miami which are temporary and known worldwide. Well, one thing is not going to die, it just evolves - Miami bass.

Laurynas Bowtie is not sure who he is - a chronicler or a guy with amnesia. It seems that he forgot what Monday is, because the mix which he has here is clearly a bootie bouncer!

Don't sniff it, listen it.

(Oh yeah, that trap bassline - Tony Montana created it while shooting his rivals with a machine gun. True story.)


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by Justas Fresh & Egle Suckmafinger

Monday Is Slow
by Kisszanto
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