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Winter, do you feel depression?
I feel oppression to feel the pressure.
Dress me like an eskimo, not in kimono.
The key is "yes", not the "no".
It is essential - I need to know,
will there be a lot of snow tomorrow?
There are a lot of links to follow,
Horror scripts to overthrow.
Weather conditions belong to your "know-how".
Therefore, how are you feeling now?
Are you healing now? Are you up or down?
Does it drain your brain to live in a rain town?
Well, I am dealing with the minister-myself.
One minute and I'll administrate the hell.
Two minutes put me on a spell of Eden garden.
Do not rush to judge, you can always bargain.

We're entering this winter with twisted beats and nice vocals. SickedelicS from U S and A gave you this gift in advance. So if y'all been good, listen and enjoy it. And, if y'all been bad - double listen it and do something crazy, wherever you are at the moment.


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