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10 hours of work. Man, I'm exhausted! My brain is like a sportsman after too much of cardio workout. Restart. Need to find a bar. There's way too much over-exposing over-selfconfident teenagers in the city this evening. Whatever. Bar, mates, it's a bar! Give me a drink, please. Gulp... gulp...
Everything seems strange. Where am I? It is kind of a night club with an industrial interior. There are three girls chatting in the corner of the dancefloor. Silly laugh. One of them looks really good. Yes, bartender, drink, please. Gulp... gulp...
Woke up. Morning. Is it morning? Yes, it is Sunday morning ...I think. Where am I? It is not my bed. Pretty girl lies next to me. Cold. Dead. Meh... Mondays are always better than Sundays.

"The 'It Came From Uruk' mix is basically a round up of tracks from our past guests (Dorian Concept, Mweslee, Onra etc.) and from the start of the night 2008 to now 2011", - Uraki Riddim.

Fastforward your weekend, beats usually come on Monday.

We're not the government. But, it is good to give. We support you with these vibes, you support us. Thanks! And... take care of yourself.

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Yo-Yo Tape
by Nes vis tiek čia mano gyvenimas

by JGB

Peeking Through Blinds
by Mishele Cox

The Autumn Sun
by 4&1/2 fingers

Melodies For Birdwatching
by Soulix

by fitz ambro$e

a hello mix
by phalf

Dem Double Espressoes
by boikafé

The Videotape
by Justas Fresh & Egle Suckmafinger

Monday Is Slow
by Kisszanto
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