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   Slapparatus is a decent journey into ever vibrant Californian beats phenomena. And a guide to it is non other than Mr. Dibiase aka Dibiase aka Dibia$e aka Diabolic's productions coming all the way from LA's very own Watts. He is wicked producer and a beat battle warrior with RedBull Big Tune 2010 champion title under his belt. At the moment he releases his material through Fat City, Jazzysport, All City and Alpha Pup. On the last mentioned label he also released his debut LP Machines Hate Me in 2010. So last year were quite large for him and now he wants to share it with you. Combining past, present and future his mix has all the necessary elements of groove, depth and bumpiness. And knowing that a big part of tracklist is by Dibiase's own killah's, wonders about level of production shouldn't be an issue. Plus it delivers perhaps the biggest variety of Mondayjazz shoutings ever recorded on the mix and Dibiase deserves a big shout out back for that!
   And don't leave Slapparatus only for Monday, it's real beauty lies in a Sunday's afternoon walk through the neighborhood.


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Yo-Yo Tape
by Nes vis tiek čia mano gyvenimas

by JGB

Peeking Through Blinds
by Mishele Cox

The Autumn Sun
by 4&1/2 fingers

Melodies For Birdwatching
by Soulix

by fitz ambro$e

a hello mix
by phalf

Dem Double Espressoes
by boikafé

The Videotape
by Justas Fresh & Egle Suckmafinger

Monday Is Slow
by Kisszanto
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